Do Oklahoma Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?

Republicans have to answer for Trump's reckless adoration of an authoritarian

Democrats Announce 2022 Legislative Priorities

The Democratic Caucus highlighted policy initiatives in five primary areas: transparency and accountability, health care, criminal justice, education, and the state economy

Olmstead Legislation Passes House Committee

Decisions made related to disability services should be informed by people living with those disabilities

COLUMN: Black History Month Is Full of Reflection and Promise

For me, Black History Month has always been a time of reflection that brings out my pride as a Black man and deepens my resolve as an American and an ...

School Choice Bill Republican Charade to Privatize Education

Republicans are brainwashing the public into thinking that parents do not have a choice on where their kids go to school

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