25 Jan

Horn Makes Statement on Re-Opening of the Federal Government

For Immediate Release:
January 25, 2019

Horn Makes Statement on Re-Opening of the Federal Government

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Kendra Horn released the following statement about the re-opening of the federal government after a 35-day shutdown:

“I am encouraged that Congress and the White House could come together to end this government shutdown so 800,000 federal employees – 16,000 of whom reside in Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district – can get back to work and receive the paychecks they are due. I have seen the negative consequences this government shutdown has had on furloughed federal workers, and families who rely on the services they provide for border security, food safety, airline travel and other vital operations of government. I will work to make sure these workers and families are able to get back on their feet now that the government is re-opened.”

“As I have said since taking office in the midst of this government shutdown, I want to have serious discussions about our nation’s border security, but only after the government has been re-opened and federal workers are being paid. I now look forward to working in a bipartisan manner with my colleagues in Congress to find smart, effective solutions for border security.”


24 Jan

Horn Announces Three Federal Grants totaling $1,053,618 for Medical Research in Oklahoma

For Immediate Release:
January 24, 2019

Horn Announces Three Federal Grants totaling $1,053,618 for Medical Research in Oklahoma

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Kendra Horn announced today that the Department of Health & Human Services has selected three Oklahoma medical institutes to receive grants totaling $1,053,618.

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center received two of the three grants awarded.
The first of the two grants was awarded by the National Cancer Institute. The grant totals $543,718 and is part of the Cancer Cause and Prevention Research Program.

The second of the two grants awarded to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center was awarded by the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research. The grant totals $435,000 and is part of the Oral Diseases and Disorders Research Program.

The third grant was awarded to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation by the National Institute on Aging. The grant totals $74,900 and is part of the Aging Research Program.

“The medical research being done in the Oklahoma’s 5th district is not only important to the health of our country and world, but also has a strong economic impact on the 5th district and those working in the medical research field” Congresswoman Horn said in a statement.

23 Jan

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For Immediate Release:
January 23, 2019

Horn Supports Bipartisan Package to Re-open Government, with $1.6 Billion for Border Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. [1/23/2018] – Today, Congresswoman Kendra Horn voted for a new bipartisan package in the U.S. House of Representatives to re-open government and provide $1.6 billion for key border security initiatives. The bipartisan package is based on legislation previously negotiated between House and Senate Republicans and Democrats prior to the federal government shutdown.

“Today, I voted on a bipartisan bill to re-open the government so the workers and families across the 5th district can stop suffering from this government shutdown. This shutdown has affected all areas of our economy including agriculture, transportation, national security, and housing, and its consequences are being felt throughout our communities” said Congresswoman Horn. “I will continue to work every day to end this shutdown and deliver effective border security solutions. I urge the Senate to pass his bipartisan legislation to re-open the government and secure our border.”

The package includes $1.6 billion in key border security-related measures, as follows:
• $524.2 million for improvements in ports of entry: The Financial Services and General Government bill includes $524.2 million for investments in ports of entry, in order to meet the latest security requirements, improve border security, and increase capacity for vehicular traffic.
• $563.4 million for additional immigration judges: The Commerce-Justice-Science bill in the package includes $563.4 million to accelerate the recruitment and hiring of additional immigration judges, in order to address the backlog in processing immigration cases.
• $527 million for assistance to Central America: The State-Foreign Operations-Related Programs bill includes $527 million for assistance to Central America, a critical investment in addressing conditions in Central American countries that many migrants are fleeing from.

The package funds all agencies outside Homeland Security through September 30. It also includes language ensuring federal employees who are working without pay or who have been furloughed to receive back pay.

17 Jan

Minority Leader Issues Statement in Support of HB1269

Communications & Public Affairs
January 17, 2019

Contact: Wes Carter, Press Secretary
Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus
Phone: (405) 962-7674

Minority Leader Issues Statement in Support of HB1269

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, released the following statement today in support of House Bill 1269 – legislation that would make State Question 780 retroactive:

“I commend and applaud Majority Leader Jon Echols and Representative Jason Dunnington for their leadership on this important issue,” Virgin said. “Our criminal justice system should reform lives not ruin them. This legislation gives new hope to Oklahomans whose lives have been destroyed for crimes that would be a misdemeanor today.

“I am proud to support this legislation, and I encourage the Speaker, leadership in the Senate and the Governor to stand with the hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans demanding we act on criminal justice reform. Passing this bipartisan legislation at the beginning of session would be a great signal to all of Oklahoma that this government is ready to come together to meet Oklahoma’s problems.”


16 Jan

DNC on Democratic Legislation to Raise the Minimum Wage

DNC on Democratic Legislation to Raise the Minimum Wage

In response to House Democrats introducing legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“Republican leadership has done nothing for American workers. Republicans gave massive tax breaks to the rich and big corporations at the expense of working families. Now, Democrats have taken over, and the contrast couldn’t be starker. Instead of prioritizing those at the top, Democrats want to put more money directly into the pockets of American workers.”

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