07 Nov

Record-Breaking Night for Democratic Women

DNC Celebrates Record-Breaking Night for Democratic Women

DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“Democrats made history last night. We took back the House, and women led the charge. A record number of Democratic women are headed to Congress, and women made up the overwhelming majority of congressional seats we flipped from red to blue.

“The DNC was proud to invest in female candidates and organize women voters across the country, and I want to congratulate all of the newly elected Democratic women for running extraordinary campaigns on the issues that matter most.

“These victories were not only an affirmation that the future is female, but also a stinging rejection of Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s agenda to take away women’s health care and reproductive rights. Women are leading the resistance, and the Democratic Party will continue to stand in solidarity with women in America and around the world marching for the equality they deserve – from equal pay and paid family leave, to more affordable health care and child care, to better educational opportunities and the right to live and work free from harassment or assault.

“Democrats put hope on the ballot, and that’s why the American people elected Democrats up and down the ballot across the country. We never backed down from our values of inclusion and opportunity, because we know that those are not only our party’s values, they’re America’s values.”

Congratulations to all of last night’s newly elected Democratic women, some highlights include:

Cindy Axne, IA-03
Angie Craig, MN-02
Sharice Davids, KS-03
Madeleine Dean, PA-04
Veronica Escobar, TX-16
Abby Finkenauer, IA-01
Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, TX-07
Sylvia Garcia, TX-29
Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico Gov.
Debra Haaland, NM-01
Jahana Hayes, CT-05
Kendra Horn, OK-05
Chrissy Houlahan, PA-06
Laura Kelly, Kansas Gov.
Ann Kirkpatrick, AZ-02
Susie Lee, NV-03
Elaine Luria, VA-02
Janet Mills, Maine Gov.
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, FL-26
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NY-14
Ilhan Omar, MN-05
Ayanna Pressley, MA-07
Jacky Rosen, U.S. Sen., NV
Mary Gay Scanlon, PA-05
Donna Shalala, FL-27
Mikie Sherrill, NJ-11
Elissa Slotkin, MI-08
Abigail Spanberger, VA-07
Haley Stevens, MI-11
Rashida Tlaib, MI-13
Lori Trahan, MA-03
Lauren Underwood, IL-14
Jennifer Wexton, VA-10
Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Gov.
Susan Wild, PA-07

07 Nov

Historic Diversity of Democratic Candidates

DNC on Historic Diversity of Democratic Candidates

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“Last night, Democrats elected the most diverse group of candidates in our party’s history. Voters across the country sent a loud and clear message that our leaders should represent the diversity of our country.

“Michelle Lujan Grisham was elected as the first Latina Democratic governor, while Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar became Texas’ first two Latina congresswomen. We sent the first Native American women to Congress in Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids, the first Muslim women to Congress in Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and the youngest women ever to be elected to Congress in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abby Finkenauer. Ayanna Pressley and Jahana Hayes both made history as the first-ever African-American women elected to Congress from all of New England, while Lauren Underwood became the first African-American woman elected to serve Illinois’ 14th District. New York elected Tish James as its first African-American woman attorney general and Jared Polis became the nation’s first openly gay man elected governor and Colorado’s first Jewish governor. And military veterans like Mikie Sherrill and Elaine Luria flipped at least six House seats from red to blue.

“These are just a few highlights from a historic night – and the results are still coming in. From Andy Kim to Gina Ortiz Jones, several inspiring candidates are still locked in tight races that are still too close to call. And in Georgia, we stand fully behind Stacey Abrams as she continues to fight for victory in the face of unprecedented voter suppression efforts by Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans.

“Even in races where we didn’t come out ahead, voters turned out in record numbers to support candidates who shared their values. In Florida, Andrew Gillum ran an inspiring campaign that energized millions of Floridians and sparked hope across the Sunshine State. Andrew is a rising Democratic star, and he gives me confidence that our party’s future is bright in Florida and across the country.

“Representation matters. When the people we entrust with political power reflect the great diversity of the people they represent, we are stronger as a nation. The DNC was proud to support such a historic slate of candidates in races from the school board to the Senate across the country. And make no mistake: the diversity of our candidates, our organizers, and our voters were key to flipping the House and electing Democrats up and down the ballot. Democrats believe diversity is our nation’s strength, and we look forward to lifting up Democrats from every background as we work to win even more elections in the future.

“Democrats put hope on the ballot last night, and that’s why the American people elected Democratic candidates across the country. We never backed down from our values of inclusion and opportunity, because we know that those are not only our party’s values, they’re America’s values.”

02 Nov

DNC Chair Tom Perez on October Jobs Report

DNC Chair Tom Perez on October Jobs Report

After the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest jobs and unemployment numbers, DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“Too many working families have been left behind in the Trump economy. When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, they will have a clear choice between a Republican Party that serves only the rich and powerful, and a Democratic Party that is fighting for everyone. President Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to strip health care from millions of Americans and cut vital programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – all while exploding our national deficit and giving wealthy corporations and the top 1% another massive windfall.

“Democrats believe health care is a right for all. We believe in lowering drug prices and protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. And we will fight tooth and nail to create good-paying jobs and build an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the very top.”


30 Oct

DNC on Trump’s Threat to End Birthright Citizenship

DNC on Trump’s Threat to End Birthright Citizenship

In response to Trump’s threat to end birthright citizenship, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“While Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship is obviously unconstitutional, his intent is clear – to incite fear, divide our nation, and make vulnerable communities feel unsafe. If you want leaders who will unite our country instead of divide it, you must vote on November 6.”

25 Oct

Trump’s Failure to Deliver on His Promise to Lower Drug Prices

DNC on Trump’s Failure to Deliver on His Promise to Lower Drug Prices

Ahead of Trump’s drug pricing announcement today, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“Trump promised to lower the costs of prescription drugs, but for nearly two years he did nothing. Now, as costs continue to skyrocket and voters head to the polls, Trump is making a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that he has failed to deliver on his promises.”

Trump has done nothing to lower prescription drug costs:

Drug prices have continued to increase despite Trump’s promises.

Associated Press: “AP Investigation: Drug Prices Keep Going Up Despite Trump Promise”

Associated Press: “This year through the end of July, there were 4,412 brand-name drug price increases and 46 price cuts, a ratio of 96-to-1.”

The biggest drug companies announced more than $45 billion in stock buybacks after the Trump tax, but made no plans to lower drug prices.

USA Today’s Andy Slavitt: “Five drug companies alone have announced $45 billion in stock buybacks — accounting for 21% of the largest stock buybacks announced this year.”

USA Today’s Andy Slavitt: “What about drug prices? Booker’s analysis suggests that nothing has been done. None of the 10 companies said they planned to make any pricing reduction announcements in the wake of the tax law. In fact, drug prices continue to climb.”

Trump’s plan to lower drug prices largely left drug companies unscathed.

Bloomberg: “Nowhere in the proposal does the administration call for two policies the industry most feared: having the government directly negotiate prices and allowing the importation of prescription drugs from overseas. Trump had previously backed both of those ideas, promising to use the government’s buying power to get better deals.”

Trump’s drug pricing plan could even increase out-of-pocket costs for millions of patients.

Associated Press: “About 4.5 million seniors in the group just behind those with the highest drug bills could end up spending more of their own money. That’s because the budget proposes a change in how Medicare accounts for manufacturer discounts received by patients whose total bills range between $3,750 and $8,418. They could wind up paying about $1,000 more.”

Experts and patients said Trump’s recent actions on drug pricing would not significantly benefit consumers or lower prices.

CBS News: “Families Say Disclosing Drug Prices In TV Ads Not Enough”

CNN: “Some pharmaceutical industry experts say that although eliminating the gag clause is step toward consumer transparency, it doesn’t address the issue of lowering actual drug costs, making it unclear how much of a tangible effect the legislation will have.”


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