11 Jan

Governor Fallin Authorizes Spending ½ Million on Partisan Contracts For One of Her Old Friends


January 11, 2013

Rep. Richard Morrissette, District 92
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
State Capitol – Room 543
Contact: Jacklyn Brink-Rosen
(405) 557-7404

Governor Fallin Authorizes Spending ½ Million on Partisan Contracts
For One of Her Old Friends

(Oklahoma City, OK) Governor Mary Fallin placed a directive to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to have that agency spend one-half million dollars on a contract to study options on how to provide health care for those without health insurance.

“Did I miss the memo?” queried state Rep. Richard Morrissette (D-OKC)

“After originally accepting federal money, last year, Governor Fallin flip-flopped and turned back $54 million dollars from the federal government – $ to Oklahoma for Oklahomans – to set up our own health care exchange…now, through her directive, the OHCA board unanimously approved this one-half million dollar private contract to spend money we don’t have to pay for a private contract given to an out of state company known as Leavitt Partners, owned by the family of ex- Gov. Mike Leavitt, Republican of Utah.”

“Let’s see, h-m-m. Does political cronyism play into any of this? The OHCA has the requisite staff and expertise to evaluate the situation. That’s what they do! But, no-o-o…the party of ‘less government spending’ and the party of ‘let’s keep the government out of our lives’ would rather spend Oklahoma tax payer’s monies to privatize functions we already pay for. So, what we are doing is giving our hard earned tax payer monies to political crony friends. And, to beat all, they’re not even Oklahoma cronies!

“Earlier in the week, Governor Fallin was in Washington begging the federal government not to be hard on states because of the fiscal crisis. So, with one side of our mouth, we bash the federal government about the excesses, yet, with the other side, we ask for money…this is called hypocrisy!” concluded Morrissette.


11 Jan

Letter to the Editor: Fallin’s Hypocrisy

Governor Fallin was in Washington yesterday, speaking in her official capacity as vice-chair of the National Governors Association. Here’s a letter to the editor of The Oklahoman from ODP vice-chair, Dana Orwig, regarding the governor’s comments:

To the Editor:

According to coverage in The Oklahoman (“Fallin says state should be deficit-reduction partners”, January, 10,2013), Governor Mary Fallin, in her role as vice-chair of the National Governors Association, is in Washington to express her concern about the budget-cutting decisions that are under discussion in Congress. The Governor on Wednesday urged Congress and President Obama to “treat states as partners in the deficit-reduction effort.”

How hypocritical of Governor Fallin to argue for partnering with the federal government, while refusing to do so in her own state! Her decision to turn down federal money designated for increasing Medicaid coverage essentially means that the tax dollars of Oklahomans will go to help other states provide additional health care to their people, while thousands of Oklahomans will remain uninsured.

In announcing her decision to accept the federal funds for Medicaid coverage (on the same day when Governor Fallin was lobbying for state/federal partnerships), the Republican Governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez, said, “it comes down to what is best for New Mexicans.” I’m sure I’m not the only Oklahoman who hopes that Governor Fallin will soon be moved by a similar desire to do what is best for the people of her state.

Dana Orwig,
Oklahoma City, OK

11 Jan

Barresi New Chief of Police?

For Immediate Release
January 11, 2013
Contact: Trav Robertson


What is the Supt. of Public Instruction’s Stance on Armed Teachers? 

Oklahoma City– Oklahoma State Representative Mark McCullough plans to file legislation that will turn educators into police officers. He believes that Oklahoma teachers should carry weapons at school.

“Does Janet Barresi support this legislation?” asked Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair and educator Dana Orwig.

As the head of the State Board of Education, Janet Barresi needs to show leadership by protecting our children and teachers that she was elected to represent.

“Barresi has an opportunity to be a leader and direct the conversation on school safety,” said Chairman Wallace Collins. “Where does she stand on this bill? Does she want to become the new sheriff in town?”


02 Jan

Presidential Inauguration Committee


For Immediate Release: Friday, December 28, 2012
Contact: [email protected](202) 350-4260

PIC Releases Preliminary Public Ticketing Information for The Inaugural Ball
New Webpage Will Allow Americans Across the Country to Sign Up for Information About How to Purchase Public Tickets


WASHINGTON – Today, the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) announced plans to make a limited number of tickets for The Inaugural Ball available to the general public with the launch of a webpage where individuals can sign up for information about how to purchase tickets. Those who sign up will receive an email notification when tickets become available with a link where they can request up to two tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. The email sign-up page can be found here.

The second Inaugural of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will feature two official Inaugural balls on Monday, January 21st. In addition to the Commander-In-Chief’s Ball for members of the U.S. military, Americans from across the country will be invited to share in the celebration at The Inaugural Ball, a unified celebration for all Americans that will span every hall in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  
“The President and Vice President’s second Inaugural will continue their commitment to giving Americans from across the country the chance to share in this celebration,” said Stephen J. Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. “Additionally, by holding a smaller number of Inaugural balls in a centralized location, we are continuing a more than 200-year-old tradition while reducing the burden on local law enforcement and security personnel, as well as on DC residents.”  
Public tickets to The Inaugural Ball are limited and will cost $60 each. In keeping with tradition and the President and Vice President’s commitment to honoring the brave men and women of the nation’s armed forces, tickets to the Commander-In-Chief’s Ball will be provided free of charge to invited members of the U.S. military.
Additional details and ticketing information for The Inaugural Ball and other Inaugural weekend events will be released as soon as they become available.
More information on the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee can be found at and on Twitter at @ObamaInaugural.



17 Dec

Inman Names Remaining Leadership Positions for 54th Legislature

State of Oklahoma

House of Representatives




December 17, 2012


Democratic Leader Scott Inman

State Capitol Building Rm. 548

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105

Contact: Valorie Owens


Inman Names Remaining Leadership Positions for 54thLegislature 


OKLAHOMA CITY (December 17, 2012) – The House Democratic Leader today announced the final leadership positions within the caucus for the 2013-2014 legislative sessions.

Last week Leader Scott Inman of Del City named Ben Sherrer of Chouteau the Democratic Floor Leader, and this morning he unveiled the assistant leadership team who will work with Floor Leader Sherrer to advance democratic ideals on policy issues in the House chamber.

“I have chosen exemplary leaders who bring integrity, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic to these positions,” said Leader Inman. “They are a diverse group of leaders and I appreciate the strengths in the differences between each of them.”

Appointed as Assistant Democratic Floor Leaders are Steve Kouplen of Beggs, Jeannie McDaniel of Tulsa, Brian Renegar of McAlester, Wade Rousselot of Wagoner, Mike Shelton of Oklahoma City and Emily Virgin of Norman.

Mike Brown of Tahlequah was re-appointed to the position of Democratic Appropriations and Budget Advisor.

“These are all critical appointments that will strengthen our caucus going forward, and both Floor Leader Sherrer and I are excited to work with such a dynamic, intelligent and committed group of public servants in the coming session,” said Leader Inman.


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