19 Aug

Dorman Outraises Fallin in Most Recent Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma | 405-971-4563


Oklahomans Excited About and Investing In Leader Who Will Move Oklahoma In The Right Direction

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, outraised Mary Fallin in the most recent campaign finance reporting period. Dorman said this report is further evidence of the shift in momentum in the race.

“​I am pleased at the support from ​thousands of ​Oklahomans ​from across the state. Since I started this campaign in December I’ve received contributions from almost 2,200 different individuals.​ These numbers are more evidence of the dissatisfaction with Mary Fallin’s administration that I’ve been hearing from hard-working Oklahomans every day,” said Dorman. “We’ve seen it in her drop in the polls – 21 points since September of last year, and we see it now in fundraising. In contrast, the momentum and excitement about my campaign keeps growing as more and more Oklahomans learn about my plans and policies to be a Governor for all Oklahomans.”

Dorman raised $267,310.40 in the most recent quarter,​ ​in comparison to Fallin’s $239,677.02 – almost a $28,000 difference.

“Oklahomans realize how, in all aspects, Fallin​ has failed the state.​ I h​ave plans to combat the challenges facing Oklahomans,” said Dorman. “She’s flip flopping on issue after issue, while I continue to roll out meaningful policies to benefit all Oklahomans. I am excited about the momentum and support we continue to see from people across the state and I look forward to serving as a strong leader for Oklahoma.”

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19 Aug

Governor Fallin Under Investigation?

August 19, 2014
Contact: Trav Robertson
P: (405) 427-3366


Did Fallin Direct State Employees to Violate State Ethics Laws and the Communications Act of 1934?

Using government funds to campaign with PSAs about the tornado would be not just unethical, but illegal. (Title 21 OS 257 Section 10-1-3)

Oklahoma City—The Oklahoma Democratic Party asked the United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma County District Attorney to investigate alleged violations of the Communications Act of 1934 and Oklahoma State Ethics Laws.

The controversy began on August 6, 2014, and August 10, 2014, when two different Public Service Announcements appeared on two different television stations in the Oklahoma County media market, both of which featured gubernatorial candidate, Mary Fallin. One PSA discussed tornados and the other discussed foster children.

Chairman Wallace Collins stated, “ It is unfortunate, but we don’t have a choice but to ask the US Attorney and DA Prater to look at these violations. We are asking the U.S. and District Attorneys’ offices to determine if the Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, or her staff was involved with the creation and dissemination of these PSA’s in order to willfully subvert the Federal Communication Act and Oklahoma Ethics Laws.”

Also uncovered was an email from a state agency asking about the placement of a PSA on April 29, 2014, less than fifty six (56) days from gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin’s primary election.

“The Ethics Laws of our state are clear. An elected official is not supposed to use tax dollars and state resources to help their campaign. Did Mary Fallin or her staff use state resources to create, develop, record and distribute PSAs—if she did—it is illegal,” declared Chairman Collins.

Title 21 OS 257 Section 10-1-3  {Use of public funds, property, time, and personnel to influence elections} explains exactly how Governor Mary Fallin’s actions have violated Oklahoma State Ethics Laws.

16 Aug

Joe Dorman releases third phase of education plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, August 16, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma | 405-971-4563


Commission Will Be Formed To Create New Academic Standards 

Educators, Parents And Students Will Have Direct Input On Formation Of Standards

TULSA – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, announced his plan to create rigorous Oklahoma-based, age appropriate academic standards as the third part of his “Classrooms First” ?proposal for the state’s education system.

“Over the past fours years, Mary Fallin has forced one size fits all standards on our state, with no input from those in Oklahoma classrooms. This has been disastrous for Oklahoma’s education system,” said Dorman.

Dorman unveiled phases one and two of ?his ?”Classrooms First”? plan? last month. The first phase proposed increasing per pupil spending above current state levels using a dedicated revenue stream ?from the franchise tax while protecting against arbitrary cuts. The second phase replaces the use of standardized testing with the ACT and increases remediation and tutoring for students struggling at all levels.

“For the third phase of my Classrooms First plan, I am proposing a system that will involve participation by parents, educators, students and administrators,” said Dorman. “Together, we will develop rigorous, but developmentally appropriate and workable standards that reflect Oklahoma values.”

Dorman said he will create a Blue Ribbon Commission to craft these new standards. The Commission will consist of teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, school board members and Oklahoma college education professors. These Oklahomans will represent the different schools, communities and regions throughout the state. This includes urban, suburban and rural educators, elementary through high school teachers, and both gifted and special needs educators.

“These people are involved directly in education and have an in depth understanding of the needs, abilities and challenges facing our students today,” said Dorman. “No one else — certainly those outside of Oklahoma who have been used by Fallin and Barresi — will better craft quality standards for our children.”

Dorman added that the standards developed by the Commission will ensure a challenging curriculum necessary for gifted students and provide accommodations and modifications for special needs students. The Commission will fund, develop and provide remediation programs for those who struggle to meet the standards and who cannot perform at grade level.

“To ensure accountability, once the Commission writes the standards, town halls and public forums will be held around the state, allowing Oklahomans to voice their opinions and concerns,” said Dorman. “The Commission will then refine the standards based on this feedback.”

Along with the Commission, Dorman said he will establish a Superintendents Advisory Board to develop the best ways to implement these policies in individual school districts while maintaining local control.

“Besides parents and educators, we cannot forget who these standards will impact the most — students,” said Dorman. “That is why the Governor will host an annual Student Forum to discuss how to improve their education, what can be done to make them more college and job ready when they graduate, and how Oklahoma’s academic standards can be improved to better prepare them for the ACT. Students will have a direct seat at the table to help set the standards they need to succeed.”

Dorman said the Forum would consist of high school sophomores and juniors from across the state. The Blue Ribbon Commission, taking into account the input of students and parents, will continue to meet annually to assess the standards and make any changes as needed.

“Education reform in Oklahoma must make a difference in student achievement, make us competitive with other states, be funded and implemented appropriately, and researched and discussed before implementation. Together, the three phases of my Classrooms First plan do that, and bring the modification to our education system Oklahoma so desperately needs,” said Dorman. “We don’t have to rely on unfunded mandates and one size fits all standardized tests. There is a better way. We can properly invest in education. We don’t have to rely on high stakes testing. We can create standards that will actually help our education system. We must and will move on from the failed ‘Fal-esi’ policies of these past four years. Our education system deserves better. Oklahomans deserve better.”


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Main Aspects Of “Classrooms First” Proposal on New Standards

  • A Blue Ribbon Commission consisting of teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, school board members and Oklahoma education college professors will work to set new education standards. The Commission will represent Oklahoma’s different schools, regions and communities. Gifted students, special needs students, and students requiring remediation will receive assistance.
  • Once the standards are written, the Blue Ribbon Commission will hold town halls and forums across the state to hear input from citizens on the standards. The input will be used to refine and finalize the new standards.
  • The Blue Ribbon Commission will continue to meet annually to assess the standards and make any changes as needed.
  • A Superintendents Advisory Board will implement the new educational policy and develop the best ways to implement policy in individual school districts while maintaining local control.
  • The Governor will host an annual student forum consisting of high school sophomores and juniors from across the state to discuss how to improve education, how to make them more college and job ready and how to improve standards to make them more ACT ready.

13 Aug

Fallin Flip-Flops On Yet Another Issue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma


Fallin Flip-Flops On Yet Another Issue  

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, said Fallin’s announcement on medicinal cannabidiol oil was simply tailgating on his study of the issue.

“While I am glad Fallin endorsed Representative Echols’ and my study on the use of this potentially valuable remedy for sick kids, she continues to simply follow the lead of others or wilts under pressure from her political bosses,” said Dorman. “As Fallin did this summer by flip-flopping on the modifications on the 3rd grade reading exam, and most recently on the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, she’s making decisions purely for political gain.”

Three months ago, Dorman and Echols submitted requests for an interim study on using cannabidiol oil as a potential medical treatment for children with seizures.

“I submitted my study because, unlike Mary Fallin, I actually like being informed on issues before making decisions on them. We all saw the content of her health care documents. She cares about one thing and one thing only — how she can improve her political standing. The benefits of a policy are irrelevant,” said Dorman. “In this case, Fallin had staunchly opposed the use of cannabidiol oil in any fashion up to now, but suddenly she’s in favor of it. I’m not surprised she’s flip-flopped on yet another issue. Given her sliding support, she is changing her positions left and right to tell Oklahomans what she thinks they want to hear, as opposed to what she actually believes. That’s the furthest thing possible from leadership.”

Dorman said voters need a Governor who will make decisions based on facts and not politics.

“Oklahomans need a strong bipartisan leader who will make policy decisions based on facts, not political expediency. We need a leader who will champion issues by working with the legislature, rather than just following what her political advisers demand. We can and we must do better.”

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About Joe Dorman for Oklahoma 

Joe Dorman for Oklahoma is the Gubernatorial Campaign Committee formed to support the candidacy of Democratic Candidate for Governor, State Representative Joe Dorman’s bid to become the 28th Governor of the great State of Oklahoma. Joe believes it is time for a Governor who will serve all Oklahomans, placing people over politics. He will reverse the failed policies of the current administration. For more information visit or on Facebook and Twitter.

06 Aug

Governor Fallin and local party host fundraiser revolving around the Klan

August 6, 2014
Contact: Trav Robertson
P: (405) 427-3366


Former Chair of The NGA Is Special Guest at Local Republican Fundraiser Discussing the KKK

OKLAHOMA CITY—On August 23, Mary Fallin, the Republican Candidate for Governor of Oklahoma and former Chair of the National Governor’s Association will headline the Garvin County Republican Party’s Annual Fundraiser where the featured topic of conversation will be, the Ku Klux Klan.

In an appalling attempt to solidify her base, Republican Governor Mary Fallin is scheduled to attend the event.

“This is an apparent attempt to reverse her falling poll numbers. Does Republican Chairman Dave Weston and Mary Fallin support this type of event?, “ asked Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins.

On campaign material paid for by the Garvin County Republican Party it invites attendees to, “Discuss issues with fellow conservatives and find out some things that you may not know about the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Klu Klux Klan, and other organizations.”

“This is a disgusting attempt from the Governor to energize her base in the state of Oklahoma,” said Chairman Wallace Collins. “At some point, our friends in the Chamber of Commerce are going to realize that this type of politics is not good for our state, not good for our businesses and not good for the future of Oklahoma.”



Garvin County Republicans Meeting Notice


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