22 Nov

Volunteer Meet & Greet – OKC


As an interested volunteer with the Oklahoma Democratic Party, we invite you to join us for an evening of meeting the ODP staff and other like-minded volunteers. There are many ways in which you can get involved with the Party from helping with communications and inputting data to working with county officials and training. We welcome you to visit with us to learn how you can contribute your talent, time and skills in helping us elect Democrats.

We will have light snacks available and information on how to volunteer your skills.

Please RSVP so we have an idea of how many will be attending on December 6th, 6-8PM.

09 Nov

RELEASE: Statement by Mark Hammons Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair on Trump Win

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 9, 2016] Statement by Mark Hammons Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair on Trump Win: 2016 was a Trump tornado and some very good Democratic candidates were its casualties. This cycle shows that Oklahoma, as well as the nation, is ready for a change. The establishment elite and political power brokers have failed us all.

What I fear Oklahomans have not yet realized is that in Oklahoma, the establishment and the political power brokers the Republican Party.

The question Oklahomans should ask is: Will the Republican Party heed the winds of change and go in a new direction? Will the Republicans stop favoring the elite and start taking care of grassroots people and their needs?

The Democratic Party has paid attention. We are going to be the voice of change for the people. And that voice will make the 2018 election picture very different.

Mark Hammons
Oklahoma Democratic Party – Chair

02 Nov

Statement on Rep. Bennett’s remarks about Secretary Clinton

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 2, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on John Bennett’s remarks about Secretary Clinton: The Oklahoma Democratic Party takes all types of threats made against any political official seriously. John Bennett’s “2 words. .. firing squad” response to an old, outdated-11-months-old article that contradicts the two-yearlong Republican led investigation and conclusion clearing Secretary Clinton of any wrongdoing on the 2012 Benghazi attack, is another cowardly act from one of our state leaders. The committee released an 800-page report detailing their findings, which supported that troops would not have arrived in time and that Secretary Clinton and the State Department were not found at fault.

Representative Bennett is politicizing the death of four honorable Americans. He continues to incite hate, anger, and terrorist rhetoric to try and advance his own political campaign without any regard for the consequences of his actions and behaviors. Only last week, on two separate occasions, Bennett spewed dangerous hostile remarks against two well respected humanitarians working with the Muslim community, calling them terrorists and provoking hate and violence. When encouraged by his own constituents in support of his comments, he doubles down on his irrational ramblings. Oklahomans deserve to have a Representative that is focused on bringing truth to our citizens above his own personal, hate-filled agenda and instead focus his attention on serious issues plaguing our state. We need to make our voices heard this November and send a clear message to Republicans that Oklahomans will no longer tolerate Bennett’s fear-mongering hate, by ousting Representative Bennett from his seat.



01 Nov

Statement on National Native American Heritage Month

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 1, 2016] Statement by Mark Hammons, Oklahoma Democratic Party, on National Native American Heritage Month. This month as we honor Native Americans and their heritage, let us both celebrate and respect the diversity of Oklahoma’s many sovereign tribal nations.  In honoring these cultures, we remember and respect that each nation has its own unique and important heritage, history, language, government and traditions.


An important part of the culture of Native Americans is their tribal regalia which has both social and spiritual meaning unique to each nation.  It is important that we honor that regalia and not treat it as a mere costume or decoration to be used thoughtlessly.  It does not honor our Native Americans when, for instance, the Governor’s daughter wears a tribal headdress as a costume in a beauty pageant.  These are important symbols which should never be trivialized.  They are to be worn only by proper people at proper events.


The Democratic Party pledges its respect for the diverse cultures of all our Native Americans and stands strong for honoring this rich and diverse heritage in all its expressions.


Mark Hammons
Oklahoma Democratic Party – Chair

24 Oct

Statement on Bob Lemon’s Passing

The Oklahoma Democratic Party would like to express our heartfelt sadness to the passing of Robert Lemon on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 and condolences to the Lemon family. Bob generously supported not only the Democratic Party but also Democratic candidates across Oklahoma, even if he didn’t know them personally.


Bob Lemon, a dedicated social justice activist in the LGBT community, was born in Shattuck, Oklahoma in 1929, graduated from the University of Texas with his Juris Doctorate and practiced oil and gas law in Texas and Oklahoma. Bob married Mary Lou Smith in 1950, and together they fought for gay rights once learning they were the parents of a gay son. Lemon continued as a progressive leader, taking out a full-page ad in the Oklahoman, speaking out against Oklahoma House Representative Sally Kern’s statement in 2008 that “gays are worse than terrorists.”

In 2011, The Oklahoma City Council’s considered a resolution to include “sexual orientation” to employment non-discrimination policies. Lemon stated that “As I stand here today, I am totally convinced that there is nothing wrong with homosexual people, they’re not broken and they don’t need fixing. But what does need fixing is the attitude of a lot of straight people with respect to gays. I pray to God the day will come when people will respect all of God’s children, not just some of them, but all of them.”

Lemon received the Carl Albert Award presented by the Oklahoma Democratic Party, the Hero of Hope Award from the Cathedral of Hope, the ACLU-OK’s Angie Debo Civil Libertarian of the Year Award, and numerous other award throughout his lifetime. Bob also received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Phillips Theological Seminary in Oklahoma in 2010.

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