07 Jun

RELEASE: Tom Perez Releases Statement on Eric Trumps Comment Democrats Are “Not Even People”

Eric Trump Says Democrats Are “Not Even People”

In response to Eric Trump’s comments that Democrats are “not even people”, DNC Chair Tom Perez released this statement:

“This is an attack on working families. While Eric and his father try to divide our country, hardworking Americans of all stripes are coming together to fight for an America that works for all of us. And they’re rallying around the values of the Democratic Party – affordable health care for all, access to a good education that opens the doors of opportunity, good-paying jobs that grow our economy and build a strong middle-class.”

“Believe it or not, Eric, Democrats are people. So are Muslims, immigrants, women, people with pre-existing conditions, and everyone else Trump is hurting.”

06 Jun

RELEASE: ODP – Another Oklahoma Republican Legislator Resigns

For Immediate Release
June 6, 2017

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Another Oklahoma Republican Legislator Resigns

OKLAHOMA CITY – Whether it be for misconduct or to pursue another job, Oklahoma taxpayers once more will be paying for another special election due to a Republican Legislator’s resignation. Sen. Dan Newberry, R-Tulsa (SD 37), has announced, effective January 31st, 2018, right before the session begins, that he is resigning to pursue a promotion in his professional career instead of fulfilling his term as Senator.

Due to the Republican failed leadership Oklahomans will pay nearly $200 thousand for special elections. Six of the seven 2017/2018 special elections set by Governor Fallin are due to Republican misbehavior or Republican legislators vacating their sworn obligation to their constituents.

The Republican-Super-Majority continues to waste taxpayer’s money as the state struggles with a budget crisis and state services experience more funding cuts. The complete disregard and lack of responsibility to fulfill one’s sworn commitment to their districts is appalling. Legislators that have stepped down due to misconduct or vacating their sworn responsibilities to their constituents should pay back the cost of each special election and stop wasting taxpayers money.


For more information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party, visit the party website at, or call party headquarters at 405-427-3366.

06 Jun

RELEASE: DNC Reacts to DeVos’ Testimony

DNC Reacts to DeVos’ Testimony

DNC Deputy Communications Director Adrienne Watson released the following statement on Secretary Betsy DeVos’ testimony on Donald Trump’s education budget before the Senate Appropriations Committee:

“Trump and DeVos – two people who never in their lives attended a public school – want $9.2 billion in devastating cuts to the Department of Education.

“Trump and DeVos’s proposal will decimate crucial initiatives like loan forgiveness programs for low-income students, funding for after school-programs, teacher training, and arts programs. They’ve shown a contempt for public education and an apparent unwillingness to protect our students from discriminatory policies or predatory for-profit-colleges that cheat families and break the law. Our students, parents and teachers deserve so much more – beginning with a Secretary of Education and President who are committed to public education.”


05 Jun

RELEASE: Canadian County Democrats Award $500 Scholarship to Yukon Student

Canadian County Democrats Award $500 Scholarship to Yukon Student

Kaylyn Cargill, the winner of the Canadian County Democrats’ 2017 Robert “Bob” Burton Scholarship, is a graduate of Mustang High School.

YUKON, Okla. —Young Democrat Kaylyn Cargill from Yukon is the 2017 winner of a $500 scholarship awarded by the Canadian County Democrats.

The scholarship is named in honor of deceased former county Vice Chair Robert “Bob” Burton, who encouraged young Democrats to become active in the Democratic Party.

Cargill is a graduate of Mustang High School and has attended Oklahoma City Community College.

Democrats are invited to honor Cargill at a free FUNraiser picnic from 4 -8 p.m. on Saturday, June 17, at Wild Horse Park, 1201 N. Mustang Road in Mustang.

Cargill became active in Democratic politics when her father, O. A. Cargill IV, ran for state House of Representatives in District 47 in 2016.

“Ever since then, I’ve found myself striving to make a difference in our community in similar ways as him,” she wrote on her scholarship application. “I plan to continue growing and becoming more of an asset to the Democratic Party for as long as I able.”

“I’ve found nothing but acceptance in our party through our monthly meetings and various events,” Cargill wrote. “I am inspired by the hope the party holds to spread this acceptance and am in love with the fight to better my society along with like-minded individuals.”

“Kaylyn Cargill is already a fully functioning leader in the Canadian County Democratic Party,” Vice Chair Dennis Purifoy said. “We are happy to offer scholarships to outstanding Democrats like Kaylyn and help with her education and future success.”

The Canadian County Democrats meet at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Yukon Police Department, 100 S. Ranchwood Boulevard. The group is actively recruiting Young Democrats. For more information about activities, visit or phone 405-326-3600.


02 Jun

RELEASE: Tom Perez: Our Economy is at Risk Because of Trump

Tom Perez: Our Economy is at Risk Because of Trump

After the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest jobs and unemployment numbers, DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“Our economy works best when we promote policies that lift workers up and level the playing field – that’s why we saw our economy grow at record levels under President Obama. But today the dangerous policies of President Trump and congressional Republicans are putting the very foundation of our economy at risk. They want to take away health care from millions of people, strip worker training programs as part of their budget, and cede job creation by joining Nicaragua and Syria in pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. These actions not only provide uncertainty and threaten our economy, but they hurt the very people Democrats are fighting for: working families. We will continue to fight like hell to create good jobs, raise wages, offer true paid leave, and upskill our workforce in order to ensure economic opportunity for all. This is what Democrats stand for and we won’t back down.”


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