26 Oct

RELEASE: Tom Perez on House Republicans’ Partisan Passage of Budget Bill

Tom Perez on House Republicans’ Partisan Passage of Budget Bill

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after House Republicans passed a budget bill without any Democratic support:

“This budget may be great for members of Mar-a-Lago, but it’s a raw deal for Main Street. It’s just a way to fast-track a massive tax giveaway to wealthy corporations and the top 1% at the expense of hardworking families, and it guts funding for critical education and health care programs, including more than a trillion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Republicans in Congress have betrayed the middle class so they can help their wealthy friends make a bigger profit.

“But while Republicans serve special interests, Democrats believe that our elected officials are supposed to serve the people they represent. That’s why we will continue fighting for the economic security and opportunity every family deserves.”


26 Oct

RELEASE: Oklahoma Senate Approves Bipartisan Resolution: GPT Increase

For Immediate Release: October 26, 2017
Office of the President Pro Tempore Senator Mike Schulz

Senate approves bipartisan resolution asking House to add GPT increase to budget deal

OKLAHOMA CITY – To deliver teachers a $3,000 pay raise and to prevent massive cuts to mental health and other health care services, the Oklahoma Senate in a bipartisan vote approved a resolution Thursday requesting the House of Representatives amend the budget deal to include an increase in the gross production tax of oil and natural gas.

The Senate resolution asks the House to amend the budget agreement bill (HB 1035X) to include an increase in the gross production tax on new oil and gas wells to four percent for a period of 36 months.

Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz, R-Altus, said: “Teachers deserve a pay raise and we can’t let mental health services, rural hospitals and child welfare services bear the brunt of massive budget cuts. Though the deal we announced earlier this week achieved those goals, it’s clear it cannot pass unless gross production taxes are included. Adding GPT to the budget deal certainly wasn’t my first choice, but if it breaks the stalemate it is an option we have to pursue. We now have an opportunity to deliver on teacher pay raises, stop massive budget cuts to health care, and eliminate the constant budget problems plaguing our state. I’m grateful my Democratic and Republican colleagues in the Senate showed leadership in approving this compromise to move Oklahoma forward. We’re hopeful our colleagues in the House will act quickly and join us in solving this problem.”

Senate Democratic Leader John Sparks, D-Norman, said: “This is the time for leadership, real compromise and a long-term plan of action for Oklahoma and its people. We are committed to working together with the Governor and Senate and House leadership toward a resolution that benefits all Oklahomans.”


Contact: Aaron Cooper, (405) 521-5565 or

25 Oct

RELEASE: House Democrats Respond to Leader Inman’s Resignation

Contact: State Rep. Kouplen
Phone: (405) 557-7306

House Democrats Respond to Leader Inman’s Resignation

OKLAHOMA CITY – Upon hearing House Minority Leader Scott Inman’s plans to resign from the House of Representatives, the House Democratic Caucus released the following statement:

“For the last 11 years, Minority Leader Scott Inman has been a voice for the voiceless in the Oklahoma Legislature. In an environment where big business and special interest rule, Scott has been the canary in the mine shaft by tirelessly voicing opposition to policies that prey on working class Oklahomans to the benefit of some of the wealthiest individuals in our state.

As the leader of our caucus, Scott has encouraged us to fight for the future of Oklahoma by protecting and promoting democratic values. He has supported us when it seemed like the whole world was against not only us but the constituents we represent. He has done these things not with words but with true leadership.

Moving forward, we echo his request to allow him and his family privacy through this difficulty period, and we simply want to thank him for the work he has done for this caucus, the Legislature, and Oklahoma.”


23 Oct

RELEASE: House Democratic Caucus on GOP Tax Plan

Oct. 23, 2017

Contact: House Minority Leader Scott Inman
Phone: (405) 557-7370
House Democrats Respond to GOP Tax Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY – The House Democratic Caucus released the following statement today in response to the tax plan Gov. Mary Fallin announced with House and Senate Republicans this morning:

“Since we unveiled our Restoring Oklahoma Plan last March, the House Democratic Caucus has been clear that we will not support a budget deal that balances the state’s checkbook on the backs of Oklahoma workers while refusing to ask the oil and gas industry to pay their fair share.

It is obvious that this budget is meant to meet one objective, which is to find a way out of this budget shortfall without restoring the gross production tax on oil and gas wells. Instead of asking the oil and gas industry to pay a fair and just tax, Republican lawmakers would rather tax working class Oklahomans.

We believe that offering teachers and state employees a pay raise while simultaneously raising their taxes to pay for the raise is both disingenuous and a terrible way to balance a budget. Our Caucus remains resolved that teachers and state employees deserve to be compensated fairly, but we will not support a plan that puts money in their right pocket just to take it back out of their left.

As Republican lawmakers continue to play political games, Oklahomans are suffering due to cuts that are taking place to Oklahoma’s various health care agencies. The House Democratic Caucus is demanding the Republican Caucus halt this plan, which only seeks to raise taxes on working Oklahomans, and come back to the table to build a budget that works for all Oklahomans.”


19 Oct

Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak 2017

As Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists around the world prepare to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement:

“As millions in the United States and around the world observe Diwali this week, celebrating the triumph of good over evil, light over dark, and knowledge over ignorance, we are reminded that our diversity is our greatest strength as a nation. To all those gathering with friends and family for the Festival of Lights, Democrats wish you and your loved ones a Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak.”


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