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Mullin Whining about White House Disproval of Dangerous Trip to Afghanistan

OKLAHOMA CITY—APRIL 8, 2022 – Who cares that the State Department warned people to not enter Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, right? Who cares that Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin ignored an initial Pentagon denial to enter Afghanistan. Mullin still decided he was above the law and took a trip to Afghanistan with a large sum of cash claiming he was there to rescue people. Now he’s whining in a fundraising letter that the Biden administration “tried to kill” him when he knew both what he was attempting and that he was entering a dangerous situation.

“Mullin had no business being in Afghanistan, something not a part of his job representing Oklahomans. It’s pretty audacious that he put troops and innocent people at risk and is now trying to blame the State Department for his own witless attempts,” commented Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

“It was a reckless and dangerous exploit that took away resources to rescue Americans. And now he’s accusing the President of ‘trying to kill him’ for his empty-headed actions, something he did all on his own with two warnings to not enter. Mullin’s privileged attitude at his attempts to circumvent a process in place to protect our troops demonstrates a leader who is all in it for himself and headlines, not the people he was elected to serve,” Andrews concluded.


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