For Immediate Release
October 13, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson


“jeopardizes customers to line his own pockets…”


Oklahoma City – While defending his position against E-verify, a free service provided by the Department of Homeland Security, Markwayne Mullin stated, “but we run a very strong background check, we’re required to run a background check that costs me over $125 per employee because we work in customers’ houses…” Timothy Saylor, a twice convicted felon, was arrested while working for Mullin’s plumbing company.

The Mullin campaign claims, “All Mullin employees are subjected to a background check. No individual with any felony conviction is hired to make home service calls.” (Washington Times, June 20, 2012)

“What audacity, to criticize the President who is trying to create jobs and then use our tax dollars to endanger the people of Oklahoma. If he didn’t do a background check on his employees, why did he lie about it? At some point Mr. Mullin needs to come clean and be honest with the people,” stated Vice Chair Dana Orwig.

Saylor, hired by Markwayne Mullin to work at his plumbing business has been convicted of two felonies. One of Saylor’s charges was “threaten crime with the intent to terrorize”. Mullin has also hired at least two other individuals with felony backgrounds – David Hawley, who has numerous drug convictions, and Cory Gunckel, a man with convictions involving drugs, stolen vehicles and weapons.

“Markwayne Mullin received almost $370,000 in tax dollars to build his business and sends convicted felons into the homes of customers…I shudder to think what could have happened to our mothers, sisters, and daughters. If he can’t protect his customers how can he be trusted to protect our country?” concluded Oklahoma Democratic Party, Chairman Wallace Collins.