The Oklahoma Democratic Party Demands a Response from the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Oklahoma continues to make heartbreaking history. This time, the rhetoric coming from state leadership has contributed to the death of a student.

Oklahoma Democrats Move the Needle

Step by step, we can level out from a 13-year-long Republican Super-Majority at the capitol. We must stay the course and keep moving forward

Oklahoma Democrats Respond to State of the State

Stitt wants to defund public education in rural Oklahoma in the name of parent’s choice. Once again, Stitt talks about supporting public education right out of the gate of his address.

What Does Religious Freedom Mean on Religious Freedom Day?

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that encompasses the right for all of us to practice or not practice

Oklahoma Democrats Blast Trump’s Calls for Economy to Crash

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, — JANUARY 9, 2023 -Last night, during an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump called for the economy to crash — which would devastate millions working in Oklahoma. In response, the Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Alicia Andrews, released the following statement:

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement Ahead of January 6 Anniversary

Today, ahead of the three-year anniversary of Donald Trump inciting a violent insurrection on the United States Capitol, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews released the following statement

Statement on Gaza War

First and foremost, it is crucial to acknowledge the suffering that pervades both sides of this conflict.

Governor Ignores Half a Million Oklahoma Children in Need

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is disappointed in the governor’s decision not to participate in the federally subsidized summer lunch program that feeds hungry children

Democrats to Visit D.C. for the Holidays

Democrats to Visit D.C. for the Holidays

Public School Students Deserve Religious Freedom During School

The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports the rights of public school students not to be forced to hear prayer in schools and still be able to hold their own religious beliefs without discrimination.

Where Trump Failed, President Biden Is Delivering For Oklahoma

Oklahomans have been reaping the benefits of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling on Anti-abortion Laws

Democrats believe that women hold the innate right to control their bodies and decide when they would like to start a family

Oklahoma Democratic Party Celebrates Day of Kindness

Today, we encourage and invite everyone to help spread respect and compassion to mark Day of Kindness

Healthcare – a Right, not a Privilege

Healthcare is a fundamental human right so that citizens can maintain or improve their health through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of illness, injuries, and other health conditions.

D.C. Chaos Comes to Oklahoma

When you go on national TV and attack Social Security and Medicare, this brings the fight home

This National Manufacturing Day, Bidenomics is Bringing Jobs Back to Oklahoma

Bidenomics is delivering an American economic boom in Oklahoma and across the country, creating nearly 14 million jobs — including 815,000 in manufacturing alone and 2,700 in Oklahoma

Banned Books the Forbidden Fruit Ripe for the Pick’n

It’s widely known that censorship of books, movies, music, and many other arts prompts more interest as to why groups are trying to keep artistic freedom of expression mediums in hiding.

GOP Shutdown Could Delay Disaster Assistance, Weaken Community Safety for Oklahomans

Oklahoma’s emergency preparedness and long-term disaster recovery could be compromised because House Republicans

FOX News Pushes Back on Walters Claims of Communist Indoctrination

Desperate measure for a desperate man. Walter’s false claims are another straw-grasping attempt to make parents think they better remove their kids

It’s Time to Confirm the Stalled Military Promotions

I am pleased that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pushed through so that a vote could be made to confirm the nominations of three of the over 300 outstanding military promotions

Without an Impeachment Investigation, Public Education Remains in Danger

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is disappointed that Leader McCall refuses to put together an investigative committee on the impeachment of Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the Oklahoma Democratic Party joins Oklahomans across our state in honoring

Oklahoma Democrats Tour the State

The Oklahoma Democratic Party hits the road on Friday, September 22, for an 8-day statewide Road Trip

It’s Time to Remove Corporal Punishment from All Schools

The Oklahoma Democratic Party agrees with the Council on School Health and the American Academy of Pediatricians that corporal punishment should be “abolished in all states by law.”

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Pleased Over Resignation

While Martinez was not eligible to run as a candidate for the 2024 election cycle, he should have immediately stepped down from his seat once he pleaded guilty to felony charges.

Latest Indictments Should Wake Up Oklahoma’s Leadership

Like the rest of the United States, many Oklahomans tuned in last night to hear that the former president has now amassed a total of 91 felony charges.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on Social Security Anniversary

As we celebrate the 88th anniversary of Social Security, we’re reminded that the stakes for its future could not be higher as MAGA Republicans

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on President Biden Investing in Oklahoma Broadband

Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, thousands of Oklahomans will soon be able to access the reliable, affordable broadband

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Pleased with Interim Study Request

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is pleased to learn of Representative Mickey Dollens’ (D-OKC) request for an interim study on “preserving and defending the citizen-led ballot initiative process in Oklahoma.”

Oklahoma Dems Elected to National Committee

The Oklahoma State Democratic Party is pleased to announce Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews’ election as Vice-President of the Association of State Democratic Committees, ASDC – Midwest Caucus.