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Republican Tax Plan Hurts the Middle Class

Nearly half of American taxpayers would pay more in taxes in 2027 under the Senate Republican tax bill, compared to current law. American taxpayers know how disastrous the Republican tax bill would be and that is why it is so incredibly unpopular.

  • 56% of Americans oppose the Republican plan, including a majority of independents
  • 64% of American voters say the Republican tax plan benefits the rich the most, while 24% say the tax plan benefits the middle class and only 5% say it benefits low-income people.
  • Twice as many voters say that their taxes will go up under the Republican plan than say they will go down.
  • Voters say 61 – 34% that the Republican plan favors the rich at the expense of the middle class.
  • It’s not surprise then that a plurality of voters now trust Democrats over Republicans to handle taxes.