Governor Fallin was in Washington yesterday, speaking in her official capacity as vice-chair of the National Governors Association. Here’s a letter to the editor of The Oklahoman from ODP vice-chair, Dana Orwig, regarding the governor’s comments:

To the Editor:

According to coverage in The Oklahoman (“Fallin says state should be deficit-reduction partners”, January, 10,2013), Governor Mary Fallin, in her role as vice-chair of the National Governors Association, is in Washington to express her concern about the budget-cutting decisions that are under discussion in Congress. The Governor on Wednesday urged Congress and President Obama to “treat states as partners in the deficit-reduction effort.”

How hypocritical of Governor Fallin to argue for partnering with the federal government, while refusing to do so in her own state! Her decision to turn down federal money designated for increasing Medicaid coverage essentially means that the tax dollars of Oklahomans will go to help other states provide additional health care to their people, while thousands of Oklahomans will remain uninsured.

In announcing her decision to accept the federal funds for Medicaid coverage (on the same day when Governor Fallin was lobbying for state/federal partnerships), the Republican Governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez, said, “it comes down to what is best for New Mexicans.” I’m sure I’m not the only Oklahoman who hopes that Governor Fallin will soon be moved by a similar desire to do what is best for the people of her state.

Dana Orwig,
Oklahoma City, OK