Communications & Public Affairs
June 13, 2022


Lawmakers Provided Opportunity to Hear Gun Reform Legislation During Special Session

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Democrats sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to sign an amended special session call to hear legislation concerning public safety, including the repeal of dangerous gun legislation that hinders law enforcement and empowers those who wish to do harm.

Democrats are pushing for the amended call a week after introducing the Stand Against Violence and Extremism Act.

“The legislature must keep talking about public safety and preventing gun violence,” said House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman. “Our citizens want responsible gun legislation, and nobody wants us to wait until the next mass shooting event. I am proud of Democrats for leading on this issue, but we need Republicans to join us on what should be a bipartisan issue. If this body doesn’t act on Oklahoma’s gun violence, it will be because Oklahoma Republicans refused to.”

Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa, sent the letter to lawmakers and pointed to recent bipartisan success in DC as an example of what could happen in Oklahoma.

“I’m sure each of you is as excited as I am to see bipartisanship on this issue in Congress and there is no reason we can’t accomplish compromise here in Oklahoma as well,” Nichols wrote in the letter. “I’m not ignorant of the politically charged nature of this issue, but I hope we can have a conversation about the data, not just the politics.”

The Stand Against Violence and Extremism Act repeals existing laws deregulating gun use in Oklahoma. In addition, the SAVE Act institutes popular, bipartisan solutions to gun violence.


Repeal Anti Red Flag Law SB1081
Repeal Permitless Carry HB2597
Repeal Conceal Carry in Zoos, Public Parks HB2010
New Statewide Red Flag Law
New Waiting Period Law
New Legislation to Raise Minimum Purchase Age to 21

“Given the serious nature of this statewide issue, I am hopeful we can all come together on reasonable common-sense measures that both protect the rights of gun owners and address the legitimate safety concerns of all our constituents,” said Nichols.