In a continuation of highlighting our candidates for Congress, we want to tell you about our 1st Congressional District candidate, John Olson.

Our nominee in the 1st District is John Olson. John is a 15-year Army veteran, including service in Afghanistan, where he was awarded the Bronze Star. John is a small-business owner, husband and father of six kids. He is also one of 7 candidates across the country who have been endorsed by the Young Democrats of America as a “Young Leader” who has shown commitment to youth issues.

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John has been campaigning for almost a year, talking about making our tax code truly fair, investing infrastructure, energy and education, and preserving the promise of Social Security and Medicare.

John’s Tea Party opponent upset incumbent John Sullivan in a nasty primary. Jim Bridenstine is a radical, who is way outside the mainstream–he wants to impose a 30% Federal sales tax on everything we buy, and prohibit Social Security and Medicare unless you’ve exhausted your family’s savings. His extremist views are even alienating members of his own party!

Olson recently raised over $10,000 in a “Koch Brothers Challenge” which was a response to Bridenstine receiving $5,000 from the Billionaire Koch Brothers who are trying to buy elections in November. Over 150 people helped John stand up to the Koch brothers with their donations.

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Help John stand up to the extremist views of his Tea Party opponent.


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