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DNC: Past Time for Pruitt to Resign

In response to Scott Pruitt rolling back fuel emissions standards and his continued corruption and abuse of taxpayer dollars, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“It is long past time for Scott Pruitt’s tenure to end. From cozying up to industry insiders, to wasting taxpayer dollars and breaking ethical norms, Americans cannot trust Pruitt and he should resign immediately.

“At the same time, Pruitt has led the Trump administration’s reckless dismantling of Obama-era protections, favoring industry and special interests over the environment he is supposed to protect. Pruitt’s latest move to roll back greenhouse gas and fuel emission standards will not only harm the environment but will put people’s health at risk. Enough is enough.”

Editorial boards agree: enough is enough.

Los Angeles Times Editorial: “The EPA’s Scott Pruitt has to go

Washington Post Editorial: “A swamp monster is running the EPA

Chicago Tribune Editorial: “Under Scott Pruitt’s leadership, EPA stands for Ethical Problems Abound. Or is it Ethical Practices Avoided? …  If he can’t behave ethically, he shouldn’t be in government service.”