Communications & Public Affairs
June 27, 2019

Contact: State Rep. Trish Ranson
Phone: (405) 557-7411

Interim Study on Traumatic Brain Injury Requested By Ranson

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Trish Ranson (D-Stillwater) has requested an interim study to better understand best practices for treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and how to maximize federal funds for services and resources for TBI survivors.

“The purpose of this study isn’t to eliminate or solve for traumatic brain injuries,” Ranson said. “There is new scientific information on treating these injuries, and we want to use this study to better equip our state’s response and aftercare of these events and better inform the public on how to take measures to advocate for themselves or a loved one.”

Currently, no state agency is tasked with studying TBI. This study hopes to accomplish the following six objectives:

Define condition and identify key characteristics of the diagnosis.
Review state history, federal funding for TBI, and advances made in other states.
Clarify needs and best-practice approaches for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as identifying gaps in services.
Determine the governing agency.
Determine the fiscal impact and discover funding sources (state, non-profit, federal, etc.) for services.
Create a strategic plan to help us qualify for funding.

“As lawmakers, we have a responsibility to our constituents to ensure that our agencies are prepared and fully resourced to respond to the needs of the community,” Ranson said. “Traumatic Brain Injuries happen, and if the symptoms are ignored, the injury can cause unnecessary hardships. I appreciate the Speaker’s consideration for this study.”

Representatives are allowed to request interim studies, but ultimately, the decision on whether the studies are approved resides with the Speaker of the House. All studies will be approved or disapproved by July 19, according to the Speaker’s office.