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March 6, 2013

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House Republicans vote to redirect federal money from hungry Oklahoma families


OKLAHOMA CITY- House Republicans voted today to redirect federal money used by Oklahomans who have fallen on hard times for food and bare necessities in order to make television commercials and radio spots.

While House Democrats argued that starving the needy is not a pro-family initiative, House Republicans were steadfast in the belief that HB 1909, which would redirect federal money from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program to create public service announcements, somehow helped hungry Oklahomans feed their families.

“A television commercial doesn’t pay the bills,” said Rep. Mike Brown, D-Tahlequah. “House Republicans seem to think it’s more important to take temporary assistance away from needy families in our state to suit their political agenda. They seem to think the poor in our state and those that have fallen on hard times don’t have families. But does that matter when you’re trying to feed your household? It is unimaginable that we let anyone go hungry to pay for an ad on T.V. that even the Republicans referred to today as ‘background noise’.”

In their weekly media availability, House Democrats will be addressing HB 1909 and other attacks on the working class and vulnerable communities this legislative session.

The House Democrats’ weekly media availability is on Thursday, March 7th media availability at noon in Room 432B on thefourth floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol.