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Communications & Public Affairs
March 23, 2018

Contact: State Rep. Steve Kouplen
Phone: (405) 557-7306

House Democrats Release Statement on OEA Funding Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY – Minority Leader Steve Kouplen released the following statement on behalf of House Democrats in response to the Oklahoma Education Association’s plan to reinvest and restore our state’s commitment to education and core state services.

“We applaud the effort of the Oklahoma Education Association and teachers across the state that have stood up and said ‘enough is enough.’ Oklahoma can no longer afford to ignore its obligation to fund education nor can we afford to continue to devalue the role of public education in society. We realize this fight is as much about respect as it is revenue, and we stand with teachers in this effort. The revenue package outlined today is a step in the right direction. Our hope is that we can use this roadmap to work with Republicans in the House and build a budget that restores Oklahoma’s commitment to education, rural healthcare, state employees and core state services.”