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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Governor Stitt Has Lost Focus of His Job in Favor of Currying Approval from Out-of-State Republicans

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK MAY 18, 2021 – The Oklahoma Democratic Party released the following statement on Stitt ending pandemic-related unemployment benefits:

“It seems not a day goes by that our current governor doesn’t make fools of Oklahomans,” said Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Instead of caring about the people he was elected to serve, he is playing games by trolling PETA with a performative side-of-the-road cookout and blaming President Biden for a shortage of one company’s fast-food sauce. It’s shameful,” said Andrews.

Approximately 24% of Oklahomans do not have access to affordable reliable broadband internet. Over 15,000 evictions have been filed in Oklahoma since March 2020 and as of March 2021, over 6,700 have been granted. Oklahoma ranks in the top 5 states for highest rates for gun death and ranks in the bottom 5 for spending per student.

“If that wasn’t enough, his latest declaration that he will be ending the pandemic-related extended unemployment benefits is another example of the Governor letting national Republican talking points dictate his Oklahoma policy decisions. This measure does not help Oklahomans. On the contrary, it is punitive and will likely cause yet another financial crisis later this summer.

“The Governor has had his fun. Can he get back to work now? asks Andrews. “The Governor has the power to help Oklahomans and yet he chooses to carry out pranks and stoke fear and division. It’s time to put Oklahomans first,” concluded Andrews.


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