October 29, 2014

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As unemployment benefit claims rise… Fallin attacks “those people”

Whispering the words, “those people” did Fallin mean African Americans or members of the Hispanic Community?” 


Alva, Oklahoma—Monday during a lightly attended campaign stop, Mary Fallin was overheard discussing her priority if re-elected next week. According to video, the Governor states that everyone can work who wants to work then quietly leans in close to the speaker, shifting her eyes, shrugging her shoulders and whispers, “ well the next thing I have to do—is get THOSE people to work…”

Dana Orwig, Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair stated, “The middle class in our state is struggling. Her insensitive comments dismiss those who are unemployed, those who are disabled, those who have been laid off. I hope the allusion of her derogatory comments regarding our minority communities was merely a slip of the tongue.”

During a routine campaign stop Mary Fallin had the opportunity to defend the middle class by sticking up for her fellow Oklahomans who don’t live tax free in the Governor’s mansion. Unfortunately, she refused to display any sympathy for those out of work and those with physical or mental disabilities.

“Unto the least of these, Christ teaches us. It is disturbing to see and hear a Governor who displayed the Cross so visually during the lone debate with Joe Dorman, fail to recognize the suffering of the least among us,” concluded Dana Orwig.


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