For Immediate Release
October 2, 2020

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Interview Contacts:

Alicia Andrews, Chair

Scott J. Hamilton, Executive Director

Full Recovery Wishes

OKLAHOMA CITY – Statement by the Oklahoma Democratic Party on President Trump and First Lady testing positive for COVID-19:

The Oklahoma Democratic Party wishes the President and the First Lady a full recovery after testing positive for the deadly coronavirus. This virus is real and not a hoax. Our thoughts go to everyone who may have been exposed to those within the administration.

“As our country nears 210,000 deaths due to COVID, we should be reminded that while Trump and the First Lady will receive the best medical attention while recovering, too may vulnerable Americans do not have the same type of access to quality and affordable healthcare,” stated Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairwoman, Alicia Andrews.

“Now is the time to put all politics aside, and for both this administration and Congress to work together on passing the next stimulus package, protect the Affordable Healthcare Act, and show national support in following the advice of healthcare experts to protect our citizens,” concluded Andrews.


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