March 11, 2015

Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings Addresses Oklahoma Democrats

16601934409_1778e20107_q[March 11, 2015, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK] On Tuesday, March 10th, Congressman Alcee Hastings, Democrat from Florida’s 20th District, addressed a full room during a mid-afternoon event at the Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters.

Congressman Hastings spoke on key Democratic issues such as the importance for a fair minimum wage, the need for a sustainable economy, and the obligation for states to provide adequate care for their citizens by expanding Medicaid. Hastings also stressed the obligation to get involved, “Democrats, you stand up for the values that made this country. We should have a candidate for every single race where there is a candidate that has different views than you.”

The key highlight, however, was the urgency to put education at the top of the priority list. Hastings, a champion for early childhood education, stressed that children that have access to programs like Head Start are more likely to become productive members of society as adults. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, over 2.3% of the entire African-American population is incarcerated, but the African-American Congressman pointed out that more than 90% of African-American boys that complete the Head Start program are never incarcerated.

“It was such an honor to have the opportunity to hear from Congressman Hastings. His talking points rang true to our base which is comprised of the working people in this state. The middle class is constantly under attack from Republican members of the legislature through efforts that would take away defined benefits from retirement packages or banning local municipalities from raising their own minimum wages. Congressman Hastings reminds us that the Democratic Party is here to serve as a voice for those who do not have one at the Capitol under Republican leadership,” said David Scott, Interim Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

The mission of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is to elect good Democrats to public office at all levels of government. Democratic organizational meetings begin this week with precinct meetings on March 12th, followed by County Conventions on April 11th, and then Congressional district meetings and State Convention in May. For more information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party please visit,, or by calling (405) 427-3366.