FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma


Fallin Flip-Flops On Yet Another Issue  

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, said Fallin’s announcement on medicinal cannabidiol oil was simply tailgating on his study of the issue.

“While I am glad Fallin endorsed Representative Echols’ and my study on the use of this potentially valuable remedy for sick kids, she continues to simply follow the lead of others or wilts under pressure from her political bosses,” said Dorman. “As Fallin did this summer by flip-flopping on the modifications on the 3rd grade reading exam, and most recently on the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, she’s making decisions purely for political gain.”

Three months ago, Dorman and Echols submitted requests for an interim study on using cannabidiol oil as a potential medical treatment for children with seizures.

“I submitted my study because, unlike Mary Fallin, I actually like being informed on issues before making decisions on them. We all saw the content of her health care documents. She cares about one thing and one thing only — how she can improve her political standing. The benefits of a policy are irrelevant,” said Dorman. “In this case, Fallin had staunchly opposed the use of cannabidiol oil in any fashion up to now, but suddenly she’s in favor of it. I’m not surprised she’s flip-flopped on yet another issue. Given her sliding support, she is changing her positions left and right to tell Oklahomans what she thinks they want to hear, as opposed to what she actually believes. That’s the furthest thing possible from leadership.”

Dorman said voters need a Governor who will make decisions based on facts and not politics.

“Oklahomans need a strong bipartisan leader who will make policy decisions based on facts, not political expediency. We need a leader who will champion issues by working with the legislature, rather than just following what her political advisers demand. We can and we must do better.”

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