New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is attending several fundraisers with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today. As Christie fundraises in the midwest, we want to point out the failed policy initiatives that Republican Governors are promoting.

See below a recent press release from the Kansas Democratic Party:

For Immediate Release
August 20, 2014

For More Information, contact:
Dakota Loomis
(785) 979-6345


Brownback, Christie Share Record Of Credit Downgrades, Open Investigations

TOPEKA – Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon issued the following statement addressing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign fundraising visit to help Gov. Sam Brownback and his faltering campaign:

Sam Brownback and Chris Christie have a great deal in common: both have caused credit rating downgrades, both are dealing with criminal investigations of their staff and associates, and both have put their own political agendas before what’s best for the people of Kansas and New Jersey.

Now outside special interests like Gov. Christie’s Republican Governors Association are doing all they can to defend Sam Brownback’s failed leadership. But in the end there’s no defending Brownback’s failed experiment, especially by Gov. Christie who has the exact same record.

The fact is Kansas is going broke under Gov. Sam Brownback and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the last person he should turn to for financial advice.

Under the leadership of Gov. Brownback, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Kansas’s credit rating because of Brownback’s “structurally unbalanced budget.” And as more Kansans call out Brownback  for his failed experiment, what is Brownback’s solution? Bring in the only Governor whose budget record is as bad as Sam Brownback’s.

The economic future of Kansas under Gov. Brownback is dark, but it’s no brighter in New Jersey under Gov. Christie. New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded six times under Christie, tying a record for the most number of downgrades under a single governor while the credit agencies are threatening to lower them again. Thanks to Gov. Christie, New Jersey now has one of the lowest credit ratings in the country.

As the two Governors campaign together today, don’t expect to hear solutions for the budget problems facing Kansas and New Jersey. Instead just expect the same tired excuses for their failed leadership because there is no defending their record of economic mismanagement.

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