August 21, 2014
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Fallin’s administration applies for Obamacare funds after months of stalling

Oklahoma City— Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Wallace Collins, said Fallin’s statement on applying for an innovation grant through the Affordable Care Act is another issue on which she has flip-flopped. Why is Governor Fallin constantly changing her mind?

“Mary Fallin’s failed leadership has cost hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans health care by not accepting the $54 million to set up an Oklahoma Insurance Exchange in 2011,” said Chairman Collins. “While Fallin’s poll numbers have dropped 21 points and Joe Dorman outraised her by $28,000 this past period, this innovation grant application is merely a political stunt that her advisers have forced her to make.”

The American Cancer Society’s advocacy group argues in a recent report that: “providing low-income adults and families access to affordable, comprehensive health care coverage is critical in the fight against cancer. Governors and lawmakers have the opportunity to provide millions of Americans health care coverage to help detect cancers early, when treatment is more effective and less costly, and to save lives by preventing some cancers from occurring in the first place.”

Chairman Wallace Collins concluded, “It is time for Mary Fallin to move on and let Joe Dorman take over the Governor’s office. Joe has a proven track-record of leading bipartisan initiatives with great success, and we believe he is the leader that will work to ensure health care is a priority for all Oklahomans.”