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The 2014 election isn’t quite over yet.

As many of you know, our candidate for the 2nd Congressional District passed away before the General Election. Earl Everett was a war hero, and we were proud to have him as our nominee. Oklahoma Election Law currently protects our Party’s right to name a replacement and for there to be a special general election.


TODAY, the Oklahoma Election Board plans to meet behind closed doors “for the purpose of confidential communications between the Board and its attorney regarding pending claims related to the contest for U.S. Representative of Oklahoma Congressional District 2…”

We believe that Oklahoma Democrats have a right to hear the Board discuss this important issue in front of the public.

Please plan on attending this important meeting with our staff today at 5:00 pm in Room B-6 of the State Capitol Building. If you cannot join us today, call the Election Board (405) 521-2391 and tell them that you don’t think this issue should be discussed behind closed doors.

Time is running out to have our collective voice heard. Call the Oklahoma Election Board right now or be at the meeting with us at 5:00pm TODAY.

Thank you,

Trav Robertson
Executive Director