DNC on Today’s Economic Numbers

In response to today’s release of second quarter GDP numbers and weekly unemployment claims, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“It didn’t have to be this bad. We are in the sharpest economic downturn on record, and are heading in the wrong direction because of Trump’s failed leadership. A historic drop in GDP, an economy in recession, 19 straight weeks of more than 1 million Americans filing for unemployment, states forced to shut down again as new cases skyrocket, over 150,000 American lives lost, and over 100,000 businesses closed for good.

“The only thing more jaw-dropping than these numbers is the incompetence that caused them. Donald Trump inherited a strong economy on the rise. And what did he do with it? He torpedoed it. While Trump continues to claim that the economy is doing tremendous and predicts a rapid recovery, millions of Americans are struggling because he put his ego ahead of our public health, downplayed the virus, and continues to rush to reopen without ensuring it is done safely. Our country is in an economic crisis that Trump keeps making worse. America simply can’t afford four more years.”