DNC Chair Tom Perez on Labor Day

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement celebrating Labor Day:

“American workers are second to none. And thanks to the labor movement, our economy is the envy of the world. But for the past seven months, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Republican lawmakers in Congress and across the country have leveled an all-out assault on American workers. They’ve gone after people’s health care and retirement security; they’ve slashed workers’ wages and undermined equal pay and overtime protections; they’ve confirmed a Supreme Court justice committed to gutting collective bargaining rights; and just last week, Trump and Republicans put forward a tax plan full of massive giveaways to the top 1% at the expense of working families.

“While Republicans chip away at protections for American workers, Democrats are focused every day on creating better opportunities for the middle class and building an economy that works for everyone. As we celebrate Labor Day and the profound contributions of the American labor movement to our shared prosperity, it’s never been more important to fight for the better deal every working family deserves.”