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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Democrats Deliver After Years of Republican Neglect

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – Oklahoma has been awarded the largest transportation grant in history, $85 million, to finish work on the Tulsa I-44/U.S. 75 interchange, thanks to Democrats and the Biden administration.

“After Republican legislators and leaders have focused so much of their attention on culture wars and neglecting our state by squandering taxpayer’s dollars and numerous budget cuts, President Biden continues to bail out this governor,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “It’s Biden who is mainly responsible for the surplus state funds that Stitt brags about.

“Don’t be fooled by Stitt’s statements of how well Oklahoma is doing under his leadership as he takes credit for President Biden’s accomplishments that have helped Oklahomans,” Andrews continued.

“Let’s not forget the misspent GEER funds and the state actors the Oklahoma AG is investigating, Swadley’s closed-door dealings under investigation, wasted PPP funds, and ongoing government corruption involving this governor. He will continue gaslighting the public and deflecting from one of the most corrupt state administration in Oklahoma history.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party is focused on making Stitt and the Republican legislators accountable for misdeeds against Oklahoma and the neglect of our state services. Our job as voters is to ensure that we hold him and the Republican players accountable for the lack of transparency, corruption, and lies and not take credit for President Biden’s outstanding job for Oklahoma and our country. Oklahomans have benefited from Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Respect for Marriage Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and the American Rescue Plan. Democrats will continue to deliver for the good of all people, not just a select few,” Andrews concluded.


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