June 29, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District




Democratic Nominee Tom Guild to Attend Bring Back Jobs Rally

               Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee in the Fifth District of Oklahoma, will be available to speak with members of the press during the Bring Jobs Back to America Rally on July 2, at 5:00pm.

Community and faith leaders will speak out at a Bring Good Jobs Back to America rally at the closed Dayton Tire manufacturing plant on Monday, July 2, at 5:00pm, on the different ways to create good jobs and rebuild local communities hit hard by the recession.

“The focus of US law and the US Congress should be to bring jobs back to America, rather than sending them overseas. That’s a major difference between Congressional Democrats and Republicans, Democrats want to protect jobs for our citizens, and Congressional Republicans protect and defend tax breaks and incentives for their well-connected friends and big corporations to maximize their profits, even if that means shipping American jobs overseas,” stated Guild.

Guild concluded, “During these trying economic times it is critical we work to strengthen the middle class by rebuilding our American workforce and bringing American jobs back home to the United States.”

WHAT: Bring Good Jobs Back to America rally

WHEN: Monday, July 2, 2012, 5:00 p.m.

WHERE: S.W. 25t h and Council Road, Oklahoma City (former Dayton Tire plant)

Guild is currently running for the congressional seat in the Fifth District of Oklahoma. For more information about Tom and his campaign, visit