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January 9, 2023

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Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson

Democratic Leader Munson Responds to Gov. Stitt’s Inauguration Address
The Facts Don’t Lie. Oklahoma Is Not a Top Ten State

Oklahoma City – Today Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson (D-Oklahoma City) responded to Gov. Stitt’s Inauguration Speech delivered on the Capitol steps.

“While I share Gov. Stitt’s enthusiasm for improving the lives of every Oklahoman, his first term did little to move our state forward” said Representative Cyndi Munson (D-Oklahoma City.) “We still rank 45th in public school funding, 48th in access to healthcare, and just last year were cited as the worst state for women to live in the entire country. The facts don’t lie and we are nowhere near a top 10 state after 4 years of Gov. Stitt.”

“Gov. Stitt also implied that our state was one of the best for business relocation,” said Munson. “21% of Oklahoma children live in poverty. 65% of Oklahoma’s population doesn’t have access to childcare. We have one of the strictest abortion bans in the country. As we saw just last year with the Panasonic deal, businesses are choosing not to move here. Until we take action to ensure that all Oklahomans have access to a strong public education, affordable healthcare, good paying jobs, and are treated with dignity, then we will be closed for business.”

“I look forward to working with Gov. Kevin Stitt and my colleagues across the aisle to find solutions that work for every Oklahoman, not just the few at the top.”