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Scott J. Hamilton, Executive Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party; 718/216-9200

Congressman Hern Threatens to Hurt Oklahoma Families

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, NOVEMBER 8, 2021 – Noting that the Oklahoma Congressman virtually never makes news, the fact that he held a press conference announcing he will not vote to fund the US Department of Labor, Alicia Andrews Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party said, “It’s not what he is doing for Oklahomans, but to us.”

“Hern’s stand against the Labor Department is nothing but a weak deflection of how he does not care about Oklahomans, our families, or our health,” said Andrews.

“He has chosen an obvious political stunt instead of working to make sure Oklahomans are safe from a potentially deadly virus. A minority of Oklahomans do not want to take the vaccine against COVID19. The rest of us care about each other. Hern is more concerned with performing for a loud but small group of individuals that do not share our concern for our neighbors,” continued Andrews.

“This is not the time for a temper tantrum from Kern. He was elected to serve the people of our 1 st Congressional District, but instead, he feigns ire at a critical department of our national government. This is a sad attempt by an elected official with no real accomplishments to raise his profile. Sadly, it will come at a great cost both in lives and jobs,” Andrews said.


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