July 2, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District




Democratic Congressional Nominee Tom Guild Challenges Incumbent to Debates

             Edmond, Oklahoma– Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, challenges Incumbent James Lankford to a series of five debates between now and the November 6, 2012 general election.

Guild and Lankford disagree on women’s health and reproductive freedom, Medicare, Social Security, firing employees based solely on status, reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, the Affordable Care Act, extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the recent DHS policy initiative in the area of immigration, and many fundamental issues.  Debates are a way that voters will become familiar with both candidates positions on the issues, without the filter of a biased press, and enable voters in the Fifth District to make an informed decision in November.

“Since we disagree on women’s issues, Medicare, Social Security, campaign finance, employment discrimination, education, special rights for wealthy taxpayers, and many other issues, we need to debate and let the political chips fall where they may.  We owe it to the people of the Fifth District to give them the opportunity to observe both candidates demeanor and become informed on our views on the important issues of the day,” said Democratic Nominee Tom Guild.

We challenge the incumbent to five debates.  One debate should take place in July, August, September, and two in October (or early November) of 2012.  Neutral organizations (e.g. colleges and universities etc.) acceptable to both candidates should host or co-host the events and the moderator(s) should be agreeable to both candidates.

“The incumbent has a very poor, anti-middle class voting record, and has made many provocative and even radical statements on a variety of issues.  Let’s see where the voters land after a full and unfiltered exposition of that voting record and our positions on the issues,” Guild concluded.

Lankford has been notified of the debate challenge by his campaign manager Pam Paul by e-mail and in person at one of his town hall meetings, and by a reporter for the Edmond Sun.

Guild is currently running for the congressional seat in the Fifth District of Oklahoma. For more information about Tom and his campaign, visit


Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District

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