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06 Feb

RELEASE: Another Unconstitutional Act

Oklahoma’s Super-Republican-Majority Legislature continues to play politics and pandering to their conservative base.

20 Jun

DNC on Court Ruling in Favor of Trump’s Title X Gag Rule

Today’s court ruling in favor of Trump’s unconstitutional Title X gag rule is a direct threat to millions of low-income women and their families’ access to health care.

08 May

Sexual Harassment No Place in Politics and Society

Protecting women and individual’s safety is a core part of our Democratic values. We do not condone acts of sexual harassment towards any human being.

29 Mar

Lowe Issues Statement After Racist Vandalism Incident

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Jason Lowe (D-OKC) released the following statement in response to racist graffiti found at the Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters Thursday

08 Mar

International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we have so much to celebrate -- from the record number of diverse women elected to public office across the United States in 2018 to the women activists fighting for meaningful change in their communities around ...

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