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20 Dec

Oklahoma Democrats Respond to Legislature’s #2 Republican’s Criminal Indictment for Self-Dealing

Leadership of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is quite vocal in condemning Rep. Terry O’Donnell, who is speaker pro tempore

15 Dec

Oklahoma Democratic Party Denounces Olsen’s Bill Filing Banning 1619 Project Curriculum

This bill, unfortunately, would set Oklahoma back several decades and make it more difficult to eradicate systemic racism and discrimination

09 Dec

Lankford Doubles Down on Hypocrisy

Lankford’s constant fight over border issues comes down to nothing more than partisan grandstanding

24 Nov

“Family Values” Republicans Working to Destroy Oklahoma Families

The Oklahoma Democratic Party continues to welcome, encourage, and value all persons of good conscience.

19 Nov

IT’S A BIG DEAL: House Passes President Biden’s Build Back Better Act

It should be noted that every single Oklahoma Congressional Representative voted against this opportunity to help Oklahomans

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