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09 Nov

RELEASE: Oklahoma Senate Democratic Leader Issues Statement on Revenue Failure

Now is the time for us to redouble our efforts, push forward, and find a new path to a long-term budget solution

26 Oct

RELEASE: Oklahoma Senate Approves Bipartisan Resolution: GPT Increase

The Senate resolution asks the House to amend the budget agreement bill (HB 1035X) to include an increase in the gross production tax

07 Sep

RELEASE: The ODP Calls for Senator to Resign

In light of sexual battery charges by Oklahoma City Police, Senator Marlatt R-Woodward should immediately step down and resign.

12 Jul

RELEASE: Democrats Win Both House and Senate Seats in Special Election

The ODP congratulates Representative-Elect Karen Gaddis and Senator-Elect Michael Brooks for their well-run campaigns and victories as they step forward to fight for our Democratic values.

07 Jul

Sexual Assault Violates Core Oklahoma Democratic Party Values

Oklahomans rightly expect their elected officials to uphold the highest standards of integrity and should be able to trust that sitting legislators won't violate the state's sex crime laws.

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