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28 Feb

RELEASE: House Passes Legislation that Promotes Elective Courses in Construction Education

OKLAHOMA CITY (28 February 2017) – High-school “shop” and industrial arts classes have been “phased out” of most public schools in Oklahoma over the years, but elective courses in the construction trades would be encouraged under legislation that the House ...

27 Feb

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – House Committee Endorses Bills to Update HIV/AIDS Education

Public schools would be required to provide their students with up-to-date information about HIV and AIDS, and to adopt a specific grading policy that eliminates artificial “floors,” under measures endorsed Monday by the House Committee on Common Education.

24 Feb

RELEASE: House Minority Leader Scott Inman – Featured Guest on “The Hot Seat”

OKLAHOMA CITY (24 February 2017) – House Minority Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, will be the featured guest on “The Hot Seat” program this weekend.

22 Feb

RELEASE: House Dems Caucus – 2 Patriotic Bills Approved by House Committees, Third Scheduled for Consideration Thursday

OKLAHOMA CITY (22 February 2017) – Patriotism is in full bloom at the State Capitol, embodied in three pieces of legislation in the House of Representatives.

21 Feb

RELEASE: House Democratic Caucus – Third House Measure in Five Years Filed To Ban Smoking in Vehicles Carrying Minors

OKLAHOMA CITY (21 February 2017) – For the third time in five years legislation has been filed to statutorily forbid smoking in a vehicle in which a child is being transported.

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