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15 Jun

Dollens Requests Study on Public Benefit Jobs Initiative

There is bipartisan support for Public-Private-Partnerships that can put Oklahomans back on their feet

26 May

Fugate Responds to Legislation Limiting COVID-19 Requirements

This bill is not about freedom. It isn’t about health or safety. It’s about imposing one’s personal choices on others.

03 May

Democrats Call for Accountability and Transparency for 1775 Vote

Every time we suspend rules or bend precedence, we are contributing to the public’s distrust of state government

20 Apr

STATEMENT: Legislation Focused on Political Points Not Oklahomans

When our constituents desperately need us to act on the real issues facing Oklahomans, House Republicans are focused on politics.”

15 Apr

Oklahoma Democratic Party Denounces Republican’s Attempt to Intimidate Lawful Protesters

Republicans will stop at nothing to intimidate and scare marginalized communities

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