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19 Jan

RELEASE: From the Oval Office to State Legislature – Ineffective Governing

The government shutdown and ineffective governing of our state falls 100% on the Republican Party, the party in power.

15 Nov

RELEASE: Democratic Caucus Statement on Continued Cuts to Agencies

House Democrats will continue to fight for responsible, equitable, and stable revenue raising measures

14 Nov

Squandered Opportunity by Republican-Super-Majority Failed Leadership

This new budget is another instance of a failed approach that has left Oklahoma stuck in a permanent budget crisis

09 Nov

RELEASE: Democratic Caucus Urges Path Forward

The Mediocre "Bargain," House Bill 1054X, failed yesterday due to the efforts of House Republican leadership.

08 Nov

RELEASE: House Dems Release Statement on Failure of House Bill 1054X

House Republicans have once again failed to deliver the leadership necessary to bring an end to this special session

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