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06 Jun

RELEASE: ODP – Another Oklahoma Republican Legislator Resigns

Legislators that have stepped down due to misconduct or vacating their sworn responsibilities to their constituents should pay back the cost of each special election and stop wasting taxpayers money.

05 Jun

RELEASE: Canadian County Democrats Award $500 Scholarship to Yukon Student

Young Democrat Kaylyn Cargill from Yukon is the 2017 winner of a $500 scholarship awarded by the Canadian County Democrats

02 Jun

RELEASE: Tom Perez: Our Economy is at Risk Because of Trump the dangerous policies of President Trump and congressional Republicans are putting the very foundation of our economy at risk

01 Jun

Tom Perez on LGBTQ Pride Month

LGBTQ Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate that progress, to appreciate the cultural achievements of LGBTQ Americans, and to recommit ourselves to the fight for global LGBTQ equality.

26 May

RELEASE: ODP – Repulsive Racism and Sexism Alive in the State House of Representatives

The Oklahoma Democratic Party emphatically denounces the actions and behavior of House Republicans, during this morning’s session, to silence a well-respected Representative.

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