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08 Nov

RELEASE: House Dems Release Statement on Failure of House Bill 1054X

House Republicans have once again failed to deliver the leadership necessary to bring an end to this special session

03 Nov

RELEASE: Tom Perez on October Jobs Report

Without passing any significant economic legislation, Donald Trump is once again taking credit for the strength of the economy he inherited from President Obama.

31 Oct

RELEASE: House Dems Statement on GOP “Temporary Budget Patch”

The people of Oklahoma deserve certainty in their budget. Passing rainy day and special cash ensures no cuts to mental health, healthcare, and Department of Human Services for the next three months.

30 Oct

RELEASE: Tom Perez on the Indictments Of Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort

The Chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign and his deputy have been charged with conspiracy against the United States

26 Oct

RELEASE: House Democrats Support Senate Resolution Calling for GPT to be Included in Budget Deal

The House Democratic Caucus joins with Senate Democrats to support an increase to the incentive rate to help put the state’s financial future on a more stable path.

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