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01 Feb

STATEMENT: DNC Statement on Black History Month

“This Black History Month we honor the heroes of our shared past and recommit ourselves to the ongoing fight against discrimination and racial inequality.

31 Jan

RELEASE: House Bills Would Prohibit Jail for Inability to Pay Fines

OKLAHOMA CITY (31 January 2017) – No Oklahoman should be jailed for inability to pay a debt, and arrest records of anyone jailed “as a result of mistaken identity” should be sealed, a state legislator believes.

30 Jan

RELEASE: Legislation to Restore Tax Credit Would Benefit

OKLAHOMA CITY (30 January 2017) – A measure has been filed to restore a provision that the Legislature deleted from the earned income tax credit last year to help plug a $1.3 billion state budget deficit.

27 Jan

RELEASE: House Democratic Leader Discusses Education Issues

OKLAHOMA CITY (27 January 2017) – When it convenes to begin work on Feb. 6, the state Legislature will be confronted with yet another massive budget shortfall.

21 Jan

DNC Statement on the Women’s March on Washington

“Democrats are proud to stand with the vast crowds of women and men protesting peacefully at the Women’s March on Washington and in cities across the country and around the world today.

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