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15 Nov

RELEASE: Tom Perez on Oklahoma’s Win

Congratulations to Allison Ikley-Freeman on her victory in her state Senate race, which flipped one more Republican-held seat from red to blue

08 Nov

Millennial Wins in Virginia and New Jersey

We want to congratulate the Democratic millennial leaders who were elected to state legislature seats in Virginia and New Jersey last night, many of whom flipped critical seats from red to blue.

05 Nov

RELEASE: Sutherland Springs, Texas Mass Shooting Statement

“I'm heartbroken by the horrific shooting in Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Sutherland Springs and all those affected by this unspeakable tragedy.

03 Nov

RELEASE: Tom Perez on October Jobs Report

Without passing any significant economic legislation, Donald Trump is once again taking credit for the strength of the economy he inherited from President Obama.

30 Oct

DNC on Papadopoulos Pleading Guilty To Lying About Trump Campaign Russia Contacts

Trump can no longer claim there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia.

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