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05 Jul

Statement on Resignation of Scott Pruitt

For more than a year, Pruitt abused his power and shamelessly wasted taxpayer dollars

04 Jul

Chair Tom Perez Statement on Independence Day

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we recognize that America’s founding promise remains out of reach for too many families.

27 Jun

Retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy

If there was ever any question whether the November elections would be the most important of our lifetime,

26 Jun

DNC on Supreme Court Upholding Trump’s Travel Ban

Discrimination is not a national security strategy, and prejudice is not patriotism

21 Jun

Trump’s Proposal To Dismantle Departments of Labor and Education

Dismantling the Department of Labor is not only an attack on the thousands of dedicated employees who work day and night to level the playing field for everyone in this country, but would leave our workers in limbo.

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