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24 Jun

National Convention will be a “Convention Across America”

MILWAUKEE, WI—The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today their convention plan to broadcast from Milwaukee and across the nation, in a convention geared to reach out to all Americans.

18 Jun

Ego Over Health and Safety Unacceptable

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Trump campaign doesn’t care about the health and safety of Oklahomans.

08 Jun

DNC on U.S. Entering Economic Recession

Donald Trump’s economic record keeps getting worse. After inheriting a strong economy from President Obama, Trump has sent us off the rails.

05 Jun

DNC on Trump’s Remark on George Floyd

Trump’s claim is revolting, enraging, disrespectful

04 Jun

DNC on Over 42 Million Americans Filing for Unemployment

Nearly two million more Americans have filed jobless claims. That’s over 42 million Americans who have lost work since the pandemic began.

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