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14 Jul

Black Caucus Responds to CRT Rule Adopted by State School Board

We cannot move forward until we better understand the past

25 May

Black Caucus Chair Welcomes President Biden’s Support, Visit

I am appreciative of President Biden’s support of the historic Greenwood District, and I appreciate his understanding of the significance of the centennial commemoration of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre,

18 May

Legislative Black Caucus Announces New Leadership Team

Rep. Jason Lowe, D-OKC, is the new Black Caucus chair. Lowe is in his third term as a state representative

12 May

Black Caucus Members Respond to Ardmore Public School Incident

I am disappointed by the decision of Ardmore Public Schools to punish students and interrupt their learning

30 Apr

Members of Legislative Black Caucus Respond to Senate Reaction to Dahm, Dr. Cooper

I stand with Pastor Cooper in his condemnation of the statements made by Senator Dahm

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