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19 Nov

IT’S A BIG DEAL: House Passes President Biden’s Build Back Better Act

It should be noted that every single Oklahoma Congressional Representative voted against this opportunity to help Oklahomans

26 May

President Biden’s Agenda Giving Rural America a Boost

President Biden knows we must build upon the provisions of the American Rescue Plan by passing the American Families Plan and the American Jobs Plan

20 May

American Rescue Plan Funds Providing “Fuel for Optimism” Across the Country

This week, Americans all across the country are continuing to see the positive impacts of the American Rescue Plan as state

28 May

DNC on Latest Unemployment Numbers

One out of every four American workers has now filed for unemployment. 40 million people.

04 Jan

DNC Chair Tom Perez on December Jobs Report

That’s why in November, millions of Americans voted for change by electing Democrats up and down the ballot across the country

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