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02 Feb

Family Choice Act Gives Families Control of Child’s Education

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation to ensure families across Oklahoma have an opportunity to send their children to a successful public school was filed for the 58th Legislative Session.

21 Jul

Siphoning Public Education Funding Unacceptable

Diverting emergency funds to private education is a foul move right out of Trump and Betsy DeVos’s handbook.

13 May

Democrats Strengthen Veto Majority in Support of Public Education

In the name of public education, members of the Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus will vote to override Governor Stitt’s veto.

16 Nov

DNC on Betsy DeVos Removing Protections for Sexual Assault Victims

Instead of fighting to protect victims of sexual assault, the Trump administration continues to shield the accused and turn its backs on victims.

21 Jun

Trump’s Proposal To Dismantle Departments of Labor and Education

Dismantling the Department of Labor is not only an attack on the thousands of dedicated employees who work day and night to level the playing field for everyone in this country, but would leave our workers in limbo.

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