Campaign Academy 2021

Perhaps you have already declared your candidacy for an election. Maybe you’ve thought about it for a long time, but need to learn more. Have people told you that you would make a great elected official? Do you know someone who should seriously consider running for office? Have you thought about becoming a campaign consultant?

Then Campaign Academy 2021 is for you!

On Saturday, April 17, join candidates, potential candidates, present and future campaign consultants, super volunteers, and the ODP staff for a day-long training that will teach you the skills you need to succeed. Each of the sessions below will be presented once in the morning and again in the afternoon. There will be three sessions presented simultaneously, so we strongly suggest that you have a family member or friend join you so that you can take advantage of each learning opportunity.

Special Keynote Address by Abby Broyles, former candidate for US Senate speaking about questions she wishes she’d asked before entering the field and the lessons learned along the way.


Candidate: $60
Spouse, Campaign Staff, County Officers: $30
General Admission: $50
Students: $25

Identifying & Hiring A Consultant 9AM & 1PM

Speaker: Joshua Harris-Till

Info: Harris-Till, former congressional candidate and the President of Young Democrats of America will give you the tools necessary in identifying, selecting, and hiring a campaign consultant. Learn the necessary questions to ask, find out about fee structure, and understand how to hire the right consultant for your campaign.

Fundraising: How to Fund Your Campaign 10AM & 2PM

Speaker: Michael Whelan

Info: Whelan, a longtime political consultant, and fundraiser will explain the costs involved with mounting a successful campaign. He will teach you how to garner financial support from family, friends, colleagues, and prospective constituents. Through this presentation, you will see that you, too, can be a powerful fundraiser for a campaign you truly believe in.

Volunteer Recruitment & Relationship-Building 11AM & 3PM

Speaker: Jasmine Brown-Jutras

Info: Brown-Jutras, a very active volunteer and recruiter will explain the best ways of engaging volunteers and making them critical to your campaign’s success. She will also demonstrate how to build relationships with elected officials, community leaders, and, most importantly, the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

VAN Basics 9AM & 1PM

Speaker: Andrew Rickel

Info: Rickel, ODP’s Data Director will take the mystery out of getting and utilizing the right data to propel your campaign. This step-by-step training will prepare you to use data to your best advantage.

Building Communication Strategy 10AM & 2PM

Speaker: Sarah Baker

Info: Baker, a campaign consultant and former Communications Director and Executive Director of the Party will teach you how to build—and implement—a successful communications strategy. This session will cover the basics of creating your website, printed materials, and the talking points necessary to your campaign’s success.

Meet The Media 11AM & 3PM

Speaker: Alicia Andrews

Info: Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party will provide detailed instruction on how anyone, even introverts, can command a strong media presence. She will teach you how to address reporters one-on-one, planning and executing a successful press conference, and the effectiveness of digital interviews. This discussion will prepare you for even the most challenging questions of a reporter and how to look your best while doing so.

Staying on Message: How to Talk About Healthcare 9AM & 1PM

Speaker: Senator Carri Hicks

Info: Hicks will explain why quality, affordable healthcare is critical to all Oklahomans, regardless of where in the state they live. She will teach you how to craft and stick to a strong message around healthcare that will resonate with all constituents.

Staying on Message: How to Talk About Criminal Justice Reform 10AM & 2PM

Speaker: Rep. Mauree Turner

Info: Turner will conduct this training and explain why true, effective criminal justice reform will positively impact Oklahomans in rural, suburban, and urban communities. They will help prepare you for broad and specific discussions about criminal justice reform and demonstrate how it will improve quality of life and help to strengthen families.

Staying on Message: How to Talk About Economic Growth 11AM

Speaker: David Blatt

Info: Blatt knows that economic growth is something important to all Oklahomans and our families. The question, though, is how do you talk about true, equitable economic growth in language that voters can understand? What messages will truly resonate with them? David Blatt, is the former executive director of the Oklahoma Policy Institute and a gifted teacher. This session will give you the tools to make a real impact when talking to voters about economic growth. (Please note: This session will be presented only on Saturday morning.)

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